The department reviews wastewater construction permit applications to determine that plans and specifications for wastewater sewer systems and treatment facilities are complete with regard to the minimum requirements. The department also reviews the application to determine if the proposed construction is acceptable with regard to accepted design standards for wastewater systems to protect the public health and the environment.



Construction Permit Status

Information about permit applications in process is available in the departments' Missouri Clean Water Information Systems (MoCWIS) application. The Applications in Process Search provides a list of water pollution permit applications received by the department. An application is considered ‘In Process’ from the date it is received until it is closed. An application is closed when the permit is issued, the application is denied or the application is withdrawn by the applicant.

Electronic copies of all currently effective construction permits issued by the department are available on the department's Issued Site-Specific Wastewater Permits webpage. 




Selecting an Engineering Consultant

One of the most important steps in designing or upgrading wastewater systems is obtaining planning and design services. All engineering reports, plans and specifications must be signed, sealed and dated by a professional engineer licensed in Missouri. You can search for a licensed professional engineer in the state of Missouri on the Missouri Division of Professional Registration's Licensee Search.

Qualifications-based selection (QBS) is a recommended process to select an engineering firm based on qualifications and competence relative to the work to be performed. For more information, review the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Missouri's QBS - Important Info webpage.

Additional Information

Engineering Workshops