Missouri industries, including agriculture, steel, automotive, electronics and everything in between play a massive role in the state’s economy. Agriculture is the number one industry in the state of Missouri with farmland accounting for 66% of the state’s total land use. Buildings take up a significant amount of Missouri land with some large cities composed of thousands of commercial and industrial buildings. Building Operator Certification (BOC) training can help building operators and technicians keep HVAC and other equipment performing optimally to maximize the building’s energy efficiency. 

Building Operator Certification
Operate buildings more efficiently
Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Certification
List of certified facilities and facilities can apply for certification
Energy Financial Assistance Opportunities
Funding for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects
Agriculture and Energy
Think energy resources in agriculture
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Information on combined heat and power, or “CHP"
Established Energy Industries
Missouri lights the way for energy solutions
Commercial Buildings
Increase your energy efficiency in commercial buildings
Midwest Industrial Assessment Center
Get a no-cost energy, productivity and waste assessment of your facility
Missouri Renewable Resources Directory
A source of renewable energy resources information
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Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing energy