The department offers a review and approval process for municipalities with standard sewer specifications and details. Municipalities that receive department approval will not be required to submit a copy of their specifications and details with a sewer extension construction permit application. You may view approved and currently under review municipalities.

Sewer Extension Authority Supervised Program

According to 10 CSR 20-6.010(6)(A), the department may grant approval of an entity’s sewer extension authority supervised program when the facility has at least one existing treatment plant equal to or greater than 1 million gallons per day (1MGD). Entities with a department-approved program are exempt from construction permit requirements for collection systems. Department approval may be granted for a period of five years in the applicant’s operating permit. At the time of the operating permit renewal, the sewer extension authority supervised program must submit a request for reauthorization and the department will reevaluate the authority..

As part of the review, the department verifies that the entity has sufficient engineering review capabilities, has defined procedures for review, construction, and inspection of projects done by others and those projects done by the entity, how plans are maintained permanently, and that the entity’s standard plans and specifications meet the minimum requirements in 10 CSR 20-8, specifically

Approved sewer extension authority supervised program entities are responsible to permit, inspect and accept sewer extensions constructed within their municipal boundaries and ultimately discharging to a wastewater treatment facility for which they own and act as continuing authority. With an approved program, the entity may have additional requirements in their state operating permit, such as an annual summary report on the projects undertaken during the previous calendar year.

Entities applying for funding under 10 CSR 20-4, “Grants and Loans” will be required to comply with those requirements in addition to their approved sewer extension authority supervised program.

New sewer extension authority program requests must meet the requirements of 10 CSR 20-6.010(6)(B). Municipalities wishing to apply for this program should contact the department's Water Protection Program, Engineering section, at 573-751-1300 or

New Program Approval Requests

Northeast Public Sewer District

Standard Sewer Specifications and Details

Community Permit Numbers Approval Letter Standard Specifications
Branson West MO011997 Branson West letter Branson West specs
Cape Girardeau MO0136328 Cape Girardeau letter Cape Girardeau specs
Carl Junction MO0025186 Carl Junction letter Carl Junction specs
Carthage MO0039136 Carthage letter Carthage specs
City of Cassville MO0042579 Cassville letter Cassville specs
Jackson MO0022853 Jackson letter Jackson specs
Liberty MO0137111 Liberty letter Liberty specs
Lincoln County PWSD No. 1




LCPWSD1 letter LCPWSD1 specs
McDonald PWSD No. 1 MORA12627 MPWSD1 letter MPWSD1 specs
Neosho MO0104906 Neosho letter Neosho specs
Nixa MO0028037 Nixa letter Nixa specs



Ozark letter Ozark specs
Republic MO0022098 Republic letter Republic specs
Rock Creek Sewer District MO0106464 RCSD letter RCSD specs
St. Charles County PWSD #2










SCCPWSD2 letter SCCPWSD2 specs
Wentzville MO0093599 Wentzville letter Wentzville specs

Approved Sewer Extension Authority Programs

Community Permit Numbers Website with Approved Specifications Approval or Reauthorization Letter
Blue Springs MO-0028886 Sni-A-Bar WWTF Design and Construction Manual Reauthorization letter, June 20, 2019

MO-0092924 Columbia Regional Airport WWTF

MO-0097837 Columbia Regional WWTP

Sewer Utilities Resources Columbia Reauthorization letter, March 16, 2018
Duckett Creek Sanitary District

MO-0120529 DCSD Augusta Shores WWTP

MO-0132152 DCSD Riverdale Subdivision WWTF

MO-0129763 DCSD Steven A Rogers WWTP

MO-0085472 DCSD Treatment Plant #1

MO-0116572 DCSD WWTP #2

MO-0131300 DCSD Wyndgate Subdivision WWTP

Rules, Rates and Regulations Duckett Creek Reauthorization letter, Dec. 5, 2016
Jefferson City

MO-0044300 Algoa Regional WWTF

MO-0094846 Jefferson City Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Developer Resources Jefferson City Reauthorization letter, June 12, 2017

MO-0023256 Joplin, Shoal Creek WWTF

MO-0103349 Joplin, Turkey Creek WWTF

Engineering Division Joplin Reauthorization letter, Dec. 18, 2019
Kansas City

MO-0049531 KC, Birmingham WWTF

MO-0024911 KC, Blue River WWTF

MO-0048313 KC, Fishing River WWTF

MO-0048305 KC, Rocky Branch Sewage Treatment Plant

MO-0024961 KC, Todd Creek WWTP

MO-0024929 KC, Westside WWTP

KC Water Rules and Regulations Reauthorization letter, Dec. 19, 2019
St. Louis MSD

MO-0025178 MSD – Bissell Point WWTP

MO-0025160 MSD – Coldwater Creek WWTF

MO-0086126 MSD – Fenton WWTP

MO-0101362 MSD – Grand Glaize WWTP

MO-0025151 MSD – Lemay WWTP

MO-0127949 MSD – Lower Meramec WWTF

MO-0004391 MSD – Missouri River WWTF

Standard Construction Specifications St. Louis MSD Reauthorization letter, Nov. 15, 2017
St. Peters MO-0030970 St. Peters – Spencer Creek WWTP Engineering Development St. Peters Reauthorization letter, Nov. 1, 2017

MO-0103039 Springfield, Northwest WWTP

MO-0049522 Springfield Southwest WWTP

Public Works Design Guide Springfield Reauthorization letter, Jan. 23, 2020

* Denotes entities currently under review during the operating permit renewal period.

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