The department helps protect groundwater and protects citizens by working with contractors and individuals to ensure they have the tools and knowledge necessary. From creating and administering tests for specific permits with defined limitations to ensuring contractors and individuals are qualified and licensed, we provide assistance to help businesses comply with environmental rules and reduce regulatory obligations.

Public Drinking Water Systems
Technical assistance for public water systems
Lead Service Lines
Lead service line guidance and inventory information
Wastewater and Stormwater Permits Manual
Find help to fill out wastewater or stormwater permits
Land Application of Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment Residuals
Learn about using organic byproducts in agricultural applications
Innovative Technologies
New processes and equipment for treating wastewater
Water Quality Standards Technical Assistance
Information on Missouri's water quality standards
Nonpoint Source Protection Section 319
Learn more about Section 319 and nonpoint source protection
Operator Certification
Training approval and certification information
Disaster Resources
Assistance to communities affected by natural disasters
Environmental Geology Assistance
Assistance in the areas of geology and hydrology
Geohydrologic Evaluations
Learn more about our geohydrologic site evaluations
Regional Office
Staff conduct inspections and investigations, and provide technical assistance
Missouri Water/ Wastewater Agency Response Network
A statewide mutual aid response network to help utilities better handle emergencies
Request a Compliance Assistance Visit
Helping regulated entities ensure they better understand all environmental regulations
Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management

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