Conservation and responsible water usage can make a difference for everyone, as well as for generations to come. Every type of water use is considered when monitoring water use and pollution. Different water systems are required to report to the department. Learn more about the data reported to the department or regulated facilities can submit data to the department.

Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM)
Portal for the regulated community to conduct business with us; submit reporting data
Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports (eDMR)
Access the application to report wastewater discharges or sewer bypasses
Missouri Clean Water Information Systems (MoCWIS)
Application to track, report and maintain a detailed history of surface water protection
Drinking Water Annual Reports
Drinking Water Watch, Consumer Confidence Reports, Census Reports, Compliance Reports
Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Untreated or partially treated sewage released from a municipal sanitary sewer
Clean Water Compliance and Enforcement
Monthly, quarterly and annual clean water compliance enforcement reports
Major Water Users
Users that produce a large amount of water with combined wells or surface intakes
Bacteriological Sampling Bottles
Request additional bacteriological sampling bottles
Report an Environmental Concern
Let us know if you see something affecting our natural resources

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