Illustration of air emissions sources
Illustration of air emissions and sources.

Air emissions are created by a wide variety of sources. Each source emits different air pollutants at different rates. The emissions can be directly measured by using continuous emissions monitors (CEMs) or stack tests. The emissions can also be estimated using mass balance equations and other forms of engineering calculations.

Emissions Inventories

Each year the department collects detailed air emissions reports from all facilities who hold air permits. The department uses this data to create annual emissions inventories to support a number of essential department functions. Every three years the department works with the EPA to develop the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) that includes a more expansive set of emission sources. Explore Missouri's Air Trends link below to view the current NEI charts, which include:     

  • Point – Large stationary sources
  • Nonpoint – All other stationary sources
  • Mobile On-road – Highway vehicles
  • Mobile Nonroad – All other vehicles and mobile engines