By promoting good farming techniques that help keep soil on the fields and waters clean, each soil and water conservation district is conserving the productivity of Missouri’s working lands and water quality to benefit the public, landowners, agriculture-based businesses and industries.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources administers millions dollars to Missouri’s agricultural landowners to implement conservation practices to protect the state's soil and water resources. In addition, revenues from the Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax allowed Missouri to have the highest reduction in its rate of soil erosion when compared to other states with more than 10 million acres of cultivated cropland.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
CAFO permitting, sites of interest and resources
Major Water Users
Users that produce a large amount of water with combined wells or surface intakes
Wells and Drilling
Construction and plugging of well types and permitting of well installation contractors
Soil and Water Conservation
Assisting farmers and landowners with soil and water conservation practices
Cost-Share Program
Install conservation practices to conserve soil and improve water quality
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Learn more about soil and water conservation projects in your area
Groundwater Levels
Groundwater level resources
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Resources to address nonpoint source pollution
Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring
The department monitors groundwater quantity and quality in a variety of ways
No-Discharge Wastewater Treatment
Processes to evaluate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility alternative
Operator Certification
Certification program for drinking water and wastewater professionals
Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Workgroup
Join our Air Program as we begin the Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia rulemaking process

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