GeoSTRAT Goes Mobile!

GeoSTRAT application logo

The department’s Geosciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool (GeoSTRAT) GIS web application makes geologic and geotechnical data readily available on mobile devices, as well as on personal computers and no plug-in is needed. 

Note: Individual layer data files (e.g., Shapefile, kml) may be downloaded from the data page

Find locations of springs, mines, sinkholes, wells, dams and more. GeoSTRAT enables users to easily visualize and explore geospatial data using an interactive map. Data also can be downloaded in formats compatible with a variety of free and commercial mapping software. 

For more than 165 years, the Missouri Geological Survey has produced geologic maps produced and collected related data. It is the desire of the Survey to provide information in this 21st century format to make it accessible to citizens, city planners, industry representatives, academia and others 24/7. GeoSTRAT can be used for data assessments in various disciplines such as hazards assessment, environmental consulting and engineering, local and regional planning, insurance assessment and others. 

An internet connection and a web browser are all that are needed to access the application.