Healthy soil and abundant geologic resources support a thriving economy for Missouri. The department works to save soil and protect agricultural lands by administering statewide cost-share assistance, district grants and educational programs. We provide direct assistance to the county soil and water conservation districts through grants and training. These efforts are supported by the Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax.

We work with industry and landowners to minimize environmental and health impacts of mining and return mined land to productive use. Staff provide Earth science information that benefits industry and the public while protecting our health and safety. We interpret the state’s geological setting, help determine the availability of its energy and mineral resources, identify and evaluate geological hazards and regulate well drillers. We define hazardous areas such as those subject to earthquake or catastrophic collapse. Learn more about how we protect Missouri's soil and water quality as well as our geologic resources.

Citizens Guide to Rules and Regulations
Regulations help protect public health, safety and the environment
Citizens Guide to Permits
Permits help protect public health, safety and the environment
Protecting Our Resources
Soil, water, agricultural lands, mining and Missouri Envirothon
Dam and Reservoir Safety
Technical assistance and issuance of permits for dams and reservoirs
Geologic Hazards
Information and assistance about hazards that may cause loss of life or property damage
Geologic Mapping for Natural Disasters
Geologic hazards and debris management maps assist in planning, response to a disaster
Assistance with mineral, oil and gas resources, geothermal heat pump systems and more
McCracken Core Library and Research Center
Our repository for nearly 8 million feet of rock core and cuttings
Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology
A collection of rock, mineral, fossil and related displays
Ask a Geologist
Send us your questions about Missouri geology (include photos) and we'll help answer therm
Public Notices/ Public Comments
Provide input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Success Stories
What we're doing with businesses and communities to improve our land
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Document Search
Search all department documents in one location for easy access
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing mining, dams and geology; rules in development