The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' State Historic Preservation Office and Missouri State Parks offers grants and other financial assistance to promote natural, cultural and recreational opportunities at Missouri state parks and historic sites. Recreation-focused grant programs offer funds for acquiring and developing new park lands and constructing new trails and trail connectors. These grant programs also fund activities for rehabilitating existing trails, parks and amenities, such as playgrounds, ballfields, pools and water parks, archery and shooting ranges, camping facilities, picnic areas, golf courses, boating and fishing facilities and trailhead facilities.

Historic preservation-focused programs offer grants and other incentives for identifying, registering, rehabilitating and protecting our state's historic buildings and cultural resources. Grants are also available to cover travel expenses to transport youth to and from field trips and outdoor learning opportunities at Missouri state parks and historic sites. Learn more about these financial assistance opportunities available to schools, nonprofit organizations, local governments, state agencies, private individuals and organizations.

Certified Local Government Program
Helps local governments protect historic places, participate in preservation processes
Historic Building Rehabilitation Tax Credits (MoDNR and DED)
State and federal investment tax credits for restoring historic buildings
Historic Preservation Fund
Federal matching grants for identifying, evaluating and protecting cultural resources
Missouri State Parks Bus Grant Program
Grants to help schools and nonprofits with transportation costs for eligible field trips
Land and Water Conservation Fund
Grants to acquire new park land and renovate or develop outdoor park amenities
Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program
Grants to develop new and renovate existing public parks in disadvantaged communities
Recreational Trails Program
Grants to develop new and rehabilitate existing trails and trailhead facilities
Open Application Periods
Loan and grant programs the department is currently accepting applications
Other Financial Assistance Opportunities
Other financial assistance opportunities available through the department