Monitoring is conducted across the state to measure and collect environmental data. Internally, externally, and collaboratively a wide array of monitoring programs exist to collect the environmental data necessary to help us make informed decisions to protect Missouri’s natural resources. Learn more about our monitoring data.

Air Monitoring
How we measure and analyze air pollution
Beaches at Missouri State Parks
Water quality monitoring results taken during the swim season
Fish Tissue Monitoring
Assessing ecological risk and long-term trends
Laboratory Sampling Results Search System Selection Criteria LIMS
Water quality and drinking water data analyzed in our lab
Lead Monitoring
Regulations and strategies for dealing with lead contamination and more
Reduce mercury releases, exposure and prevent pollution
Solid Waste Landfill Monitoring and Reporting
Groundwater and methane monitoring at permitted solid waste landfills
Water Monitoring and Data
How we track and monitor our water quality, drinking water, groundwater
Understanding Data
Breaking down test results, maps and diagrams into plain language
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing the protection of our natural resources
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