We know a lot about Missouri’s air, but our diverse state has air challenges and characteristics that vary from region to region, county to county and even season to season. A major air quality concern in July may be minimal or non-existent during the cooler months. Some areas face constant air quality challenges all year – and some of those challenges vary. Measuring and interpreting air quality data is valuable to identify certain pollutants, short-term air quality threats and making long-term decisions. 

The Air We Breathe
What we know about Missouri's air quality
Current Air Quality
Today's air quality forecast
Air Monitoring
How we measure and evaluate air pollution
Missouri Air Trends
Pollutants, emissions and trends
Pollutants and Sources
What or who contributes to air pollution, view weekly air monitoring data
Missouri Skies Now and Then
Look back and see how far we've improved air quality
Air Quality and You: Health Effects of Air Pollution
Take precautions to better protect your health
Get Involved
Learn how you can get involved and help improve air quality
What We're Doing
Learn what we're doing to protect Missouri's air quality
Kansas City Camera
Photo captures from live webcam of Kansas City air quality
St. Louis Camera
Photo captures from live webcam of St. Louis air quality