The department ensures beneficial restoration of mined lands to protect public health, safety and the environment from the adverse effects of mining within the state. We administer state statutes and regulations, and Missouri Mining Commission policies and directives. Staff ensure Missouri's mineral resources are available for economic development and after reclamation, the land is available for new development or public use. 

Bill Zeaman named Reclamationist of the Year

Bill Zeaman, an environmental supervisor with our Land Reclamation Program, was named the 2020 "Reclamationist of the Year" by the American Society of Mining and Reclamation. Zeaman was selected for his outstanding accomplishments in the practical application and evaluation of reclamation technology and in implementing innovative practices and designs for new reclamation strategies. Read the news release.

History of Mining
Mining activity in Missouri began as early as the 1740s
Permitted Industrial and Metallic Mineral Mine Sites
Locate sites permitted to mine industrial and metallic minerals
Industrial Minerals
Sites no longer in operation are reclaimed for new development or public use
Metallic Minerals
Sites no longer in operation are reclaimed for new development or public use
Surface Coal Mining
Contact us about obtaining a permit to mine coal and about abandoned coal mines
Industrial and Metallic Minerals Mine Reclamation
Video provides insight about successful reclamation of former mine sites in Missouri
Mine Shafts
Abandoned mine sites appear attractive to explore, but are unsafe to walk, climb or ride in
Land Reclamation - Abandoned Mine Lands
Locate former coal mine sties that have been reclaimed fore beneficial use
Missouri Mining Commission
Commission members are appointed by the governor, and are guided by state statutes
Protecting Public Health, Safety and the Environment - Mining Activities
Mining laws require post-mining restoration of affected land
Interstate Mining Compact Commission
States working together to protect and restore resources affected by mining
Sites of Interest
Sites that may be of special interest to local citizens