A geologic hazard is capable of causing damage or loss of life and property. Some man-made features can become hazards under extreme circumstances or over time. Find out how to prepare for or deal with various hazards and discover solutions and technical assistance available from the department to respond to emergencies.

Scientific principles used to protect citizens and the environment
Environmental Geology Assistance
Learn how we protect Missouri citizens and the environment
Approximately 16,000 sinkholes have been documented in Missouri
Potential hazards in areas that have steep topography
Abandoned Mine Lands
Technical assistance for owners of abandoned coal mine lands
Abandoned Wells
Unused and abandoned wells pose serious physical and environmental hazards
Mine Shafts
Mine shafts can present a hazard to people, property and the environment
Dams and Reservoirs
Nonagricultural and nonfederal dams 35 feet and greater are regulated
Disaster Resources
Preparedness, response and recovery resources
Hazards Publications
Search to find related publications
Report an Environmental Concern
Let us know if you witness something affecting our land and geology
Report an Environmental Emergency
Call 24-hour spill line 573-634-2436 to report an environmental emergency