Fluorescent minerals display with lights on
Some minerals "glow" while exposed to ultraviolet light.

We welcome visitors weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is free and we are located at 111 Fairgrounds Road, Rolla. Please note the museum is closed weekends and holidays.

The museum illustrates the geologic history of Missouri through an ongoing collection of rock, mineral and fossil displays. While here, be sure to pick up some of our free literature. We also sell Missouri geologic and topographic maps, along with a variety of technical and general-interest maps, publications, books and rock and mineral sets at our sales counter. Many of our print publications also are available for downloading free of charge. Use the document search to locate them.

Museum Highlights

Children and adults often bring rocks and other items to our museum and ask for a geologist to examine and properly identify them. If you can't visit, but want to send a photo of your find or if you have a questions about Missouri geology, please email us at askageologist@dnr.mo.gov.

Missouri Rocks and Minerals Set

Missouri State Museum

  • The Missouri State Museum, which is inside the Capitol in Jefferson City, has numerous fossils in the limestone walls, floors and stairways. While there, ask for a brochure to help guide you through to see some of the spectacular fossils.