We use energy every day in our homes, offices, factories and outdoors. We rely on it in our daily lives to heat and cool our spaces, light our rooms, drive cars, move freight and manufacture products. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is focused on affordable and reliable energy produced in Missouri. The department provides education and promotes efficient use of energy resources for economic growth, a healthy environment and a better Missouri for future generations. We coordinate the state’s energy policy and work to support a strong, comprehensive, coordinated energy plan for Missouri.

The department is also a state resource for energy data and research and supports market development and demonstration projects promoting clean energy sources and technologies. The department coordinates with private and public interests on energy initiatives and provides technical and financial assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. With its large, highly educated workforce, strategic location, low business costs, clean energy initiative and plentiful natural resources, Missouri is perfectly positioned to take advantage of advances in alternative energy in the wind, solar and biofuel sectors.

For information about home energy rebates, visit the department's Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Home Energy Rebates webpage. For information about funding to improve the resilience of the electric grid, visit the department's Grid Resilience Formula Funding webpage. For information about funding for local governments to improve energy efficiency, energy conservation, and emissions reductions, visit the department’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant webpage. For updates about the department's other programs under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, please sign up for Energy Alerts using the "Get Updates on this Issue" button on this page. Subscribing to Energy Alerts is the most reliable way to stay up to date on any actionable announcements.