Missouri Air Conservation Commission
Administers the Missouri Air Conservation Law
Missouri Clean Water Commission
Administers the Missouri Clean Water Law
Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety Council
Regulates design, construction and maintenance of dams and reservoirs
Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
Develops energy alternatives, promotes economic development through innovative financing
Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission
Regulates hazardous waste, hazardous substances and petroleum underground storage tanks
Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Reviews and advises all Missouri nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
Industrial Minerals Advisory Council
Advises the department about geologic and hydrologic data on industrial mineral industry
Interstate Mining Compact Commission
Studies and provides recommendations of mining operations, processes and techniques
Missouri Mining Commission
Administers Missouri’s mining requirements and ensures beneficial restoration of mined lands
Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund
Administers the fund to insure tank owners and operators
Missouri Safe Drinking Water Commission
Administers the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Law
Missouri Soil and Water Districts Commission
Administers the soil and water conservation districts, saves soil and water resources
Missouri Solid Waste Advisory Board
Advises the department on solid waste management plans and grant criteria
State Oil and Gas Council
Promotes oil and gas resources, protects groundwater affected by oil and gas drilling
Missouri Trails Advisory Board
Advises the department to develop grant selection criteria, review applicants
Missouri Weatherization Policy Advisory Council
Provides policy review and recommendations for weatherization assistance program
Well Installation Board
Assists and regulates the well construction and drilling industry to protect groundwater
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