The department issues a variety of air permits to businesses and individuals that have the potential to emit air pollution through industrial processes or open burning. Permits describe how a facility is required to meet state and federal air quality regulations to reduce air pollution and protect public health. The permit also documents all sources of air pollution at the facility, what pollutants will be released, how much is released and what steps the permittee is required to take to reduce pollution. 

Construction Permits
Permits required for constructing a new, or modifying an existing, air emission source
Operating Permits
Permits that clarify a regulated installations air pollution control requirements
Open Burning
Materials allowed and prohibited in open burning under Missouri regulations
Air Fees
Construction and Operating permit fees effective Jan. 1, 2017
Pending Air Permits
Access electronic copies of air permit applications currently under review
Issued Air Permits
Access electronic copies of all active air permits
Forms and Applications
Search department forms and applications in one location
Compliance Regulatory Assistance
Helping businesses and communities understand air permits and related topics
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing air quality
Air Public Notices
Provide input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Find a meeting, hearing or event near you
Document Search
Search air related documents in one location for easy access