You can get involved and take simply actions to help protect Missouri's air, water, and land and geology. Whether picking up litter, conserving water at home or riding your bike instead of taking a short drive, every one of us can make a difference. Plus, did you know that volunteering is linked to happiness, health, and career benefits? Pick a DIY project, one-time event, or a supported program that creates community among volunteers. Start small and add effort where you find reward and joy.

Simple, fun activities you can do on your own

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • Sweep grass clippings and leaves so they don't pollute nearby lakes or streams
  • Sweep up trash, leaves and dirt around the storm drains on your street
  • Dedicate a row in your garden for the local food shelf
  • Organize a swapping party for clothes, toys or books
  • Help a neighbor in need with outdoor chores that benefit the environment, like picking up pet waste, bringing yard waste to the compost site, or turning the compost pile

Explore our Get Involved webpages below to learn more. With your help, we will continue to work together to provide all Missourians a healthy environment in which to live, work and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Learn how you can get involved and help improve air quality
Land and Geology
Learn how you can help get involved to protect our land and geology
Learn how you can get involved and help improve water quality
Learn how you can get involved and help reduce energy consumption
Waste and Recycling
Learn how you can help get involved to reduce waste and recycle
Missouri State Parks
Get involved by volunteering in Missouri State Parks
Public Notices
Get involved by providing input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Report an Environmental Concern
Let us know if you see something affecting our natural resources
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing the protection of our natural resources
Find a meeting, hearing or event near you
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