Missouri is blessed with an abundance of water. Our way of life is intertwined with water. We depend on water for drinking, food production, recreation, healthy ecosystems and more. We swim, fish, play and celebrate in and around water. Water pollution can impact us all. You can take simple steps while at home, traveling on roads and trails, and while enjoying our waterways to protect our state’s water resources. You also can make your voice heard by attending public meetings and hearings, and commenting on public notices about protecting our water resources, flood mitigation, and in all areas related to water resources. We invite you to help us make a difference. 

Water Quality Monitoring Program
Volunteer opportunities
Participate in Water Themes
Environmental activities for children and students
Drinking Water Week
Learn why and how we celebrate Drinking Water Week
Water Protection Forum
Engage in discussion related to clean water topics
Cost-Share Practices
Install conservation practices to conserve soil and improve water quality
Missouri Water Resources Plan
The 2020 Missouri Water Resources Plan
Major Water Users
Annual reporting is completed Jan. 1 through March 31 of the previous calendar year
Water Planning
The department provides support for water planning through programs and partnerships
Report an Environmental Concern
An environmental concern is a situation that you believe threatens the environment
Report an Algal Bloom
Algal blooms can be harmful to humans & can severely reduce oxygen in water leading to illness or death in fish
Water Reporting
Electronic discharge monitoring, SSO/ bypass, major water users
Water Public Notices
Provide input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Find a meeting, hearing or event near you
Document Search
Search water related documents in one location for easy access

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