The Safe Drinking Water Commission is made up of nine commission members who represent the general public and various sizes of public water systems based on the population they serve. Four of the commissioners represent public water supplies. Five of the commissioners represent the public. The Safe Drinking Water Commission adopts safe drinking water regulations and the Intended Use Plan for grants and loans, sets the primacy fee and advises the department about various drinking water issues.


Safe Drinking Water Commission meetings are public meetings.  Portions of these meetings may be closed pursuant to Section 610.021, subsection (1), (3), (13),(14), (18), or (19), RSMo., or other specific reasons identified under sections 610.021 or 640.022 and announced in open session.

Upcoming Meetings


April 14

July 7

Notice: The health and safety of all visitors to state office buildings are a priority. Due to recent concerns regarding novel cornonavirus, or COVID-19, we encourage remote participation at meetings. The department will livestream the meeting at MoDNR-TV. Participants can use the chat feature of this platform to ask questions or comments and relaying those to the group. The department will also make a call-in number available for the meeting.

Past Meetings

Jan. 13, 2021

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Previous Years' Meetings

A listing of all department events and meetings along with the dates, times and locations is available on our online calendar.

Commission Members

Elizabeth Grove (Chair)
Monroe City
Term Expires: 9/1/2010
Public Water Supplies Serving greater than 75
but not more than 2,500 customers

Bruce Manning
Maryland Heights
Term Expires: 9/1/2012
General Public - Slot 3

Charli Jo Ledgerwood
Term Expires: 9/1/2012
Public Water Supplies Serving greater than 2,500
and less than 100,000 customers

Rodger Owens
Term Expires: 9/1/2010
Public Water Supplies Serving 75 or less customers

Curtis Skouby
St. Louis
Term Expires: 9/1/2012
Public Water Supplies Serving more than 100,000 customers

Susan McCray Armstrong
St. Louis
Term Expires: 9/1/2012
General Public - Slot 1

Fred W. Schmidt
General Public - Slot 2
Term Expires: 9/1/2020

D. Scott Bockenkamp
Term Expires: 9/1/2014
General Public - Slot 4

Susan Hazelwood (Vice Chair)
Term Expires: 9/1/2010
General Public - Slot 5

Email your comments to the commission or any of its members at

More Information

If you have issues to present to the Safe Drinking Water Commission concernig the regulation of public water systems, you may do so at one of the regularly scheduled commission meetings. A time for public comments is scheduled on the agenda for each meeting. To request an issue be considered for the agenda or to request information about upcoming meetings, contact the commission secretary at To contact a member of the Safe Drinking Water Commission, send correspondence in care of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Public Drinking Water Branch, PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176, or email