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Out of caution surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the department's 2021 Earth Day celebration was cancelled. While safety, stewardship and service are all very important to the department, safety is the top priority. Look for us at next year's Earth Day celebration scheduled in 2022.

Visit these websites for information about COVID-19:

Earth Day Art in Missouri State Parks

During Earth Day, we celebrate our amazing planet and reflect on the importance of protecting it. As part of our 2021 Earth Day celebration, Missouri State Parks sponsored a virtual art contest for pre-K through 12th grade. The theme of our contest was Earth Day Art in Missouri State Parks. Our state park system preserves some of the most outstanding natural resources in the state. We were thrilled to see your artwork that showcased some of the special places in our state parks and historic sites.

Trash-Free Waters Challenge

We challenge you to help EPA keep the waters of our creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans TRASH-FREE! Did you know the majority of the trash and plastic items found in the oceans actually came from land a long way upstream? Now that you do, you can help keep trash out of the oceans, even if you live far from the coast. Trash can be carried by rain, wind and floods into roadside ditches and storm drains that eventually lead to nearby creeks, streams and rivers. This trash can be carried for hundreds of miles until it empties into the ocean. Plastic items in water are a significant concern because of their harmful effects on the environment, wildlife, and human health. EPA's Trash-Free Waters program is focused on keeping waters trash-free by working with communities to reduce the amount of trash entering U.S. waterways and the world’s oceans.