General Permits

Permit Reports - Includes weekly listings of issued Site Specific, General, and Stormwater Permits. Also includes reports from the Water Pollution Control's Water Quality Information System database on all active State Operating Permits for Wastewater Treatment Systems in Missouri including site specific permits, Stormwater permits, or General Permits. Specifics on individual facilities can be obtained from the reports.

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Water Protection Forms, Applications, and Permits

Effective Date Expiration Date
MOG01 - CAFO 02-26-2018 02-25-2023

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Process wastes are collected and reused as fertilizer by spreading onto agricultural fields at agricultural rates. There is no-discharge except during storms exceeding the design storm event.

MOG05 - Abandoned Mine Land Rec >5 acres 07-01-2016 06-30-2021

Permit Requirements for Land Reclamation Projects

SIC #9512
Land reclamation projects involving land disturbance and projects consisting solely of pond and shaft dewatering under control of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Land Reclamation Program - SIC #1629

Surface discharges from these reclamation projects will result from rainfall runoff/impoundment discharges, and shaft pumpings. Sediment will be controlled during construction with filter fabric, check dams, sediment ponds, straw bales or other Best Management Practices, which will minimize sediment loss.

These projects may also involve stockpiling biosolids for reclamation use. Best Management Practices will be employed at these sites.

MOG13 - Fish Farms/Hatcheries 02-19-2019 02-18-2024

Flow-through Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production Facilities

MOG14 - Oil/Water Separators 07-01-2019 06-30-2024

This permit authorizes the discharge from oil/water separators and similar waste water treatment devices whose sole function is the treatment of Stormwater or water without detergents or additives used to rinse or wash down pavements.

This permit applies to establishments such as vehicle repair shops, transformer stations and pipeline compressor stations.

This permit does not apply to establishments that are required to apply for a permit under the Stormwater Regulation 10 CSR 20-6.200.

The permit does not apply to the discharges of wastewater treatment devices for the treatment of vehicle or equipment wash waters.

MOG251 - Heat Pumps 01-01-2017


Discharge from non-recirculating heat pumps, to surface water only.

MOG35 - Petroleum Storage <250,000 gallons 09-18-2017 09-17-2022

SIC #5171
Stormwater discharges from facilities with above ground storage capacity of pre-consumer or post-consumer petroleum products, ethanol or biodiesel totaling more than 20,000 gallons, but less than 250,000 gallons.

MOG49 - Limestone Quarries 05-01-2017 04-30-2022

SIC #1422 and SIC Major Group Codes 29 and 32
Stormwater and other specified discharges from limestone and other rock quarries, concrete, glass and asphalt industries.

MOG50 - Sand and Gravel Washing 05-23-2017 05-22-2022

Discharge of wash water and Stormwater from sand and/or gravel operations.

MOG64 - WTP Settling Basins 02-25-2019 02-24-2024

Water Treatment Plants Filter Backwash
Water treatment plant filter backwash water and solids and allows operation of no-discharge sludge holding systems. Land application of water treatment plant sludge.

MOG641 - Zeolite Softeners 08-08-2018 08-07-2023

Discharges of backwash water from water softening units.
Zeolite filter backwash discharges.

Zeolite Softeners (G641) General Information
MOG67 - Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines and Storage Tanks 10-05-2017 10-04-2022

SIC #1321, 4613, 1922, 4923, and 4924
Hydrostatic testing of Petroleum-Related Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Tanks.

Hydrostatic Testing (G67) General Information

MOG69 - Dredging Lakes/River Harbors 08-01-2019 07-31-2024

Dredging: Return water and Stormwater runoff from dredged material deposition sites and other disturbance resulting from maintenance dredging of lakes and rivers.

MOG698 - Dredging on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers
08-01-2019 07-31-2024

Discharge of wash water, Stormwater and return water from aggregate dredging operations on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

MOG75 - Car Wash 11-29-2018 11-28-2023

Vehicle wash wastewater treatment systems for design flows of 50,000 gallons per day or less.  This includes no-discharge land application systems.  Provides for 500 gallons per day de minimis exemption under certain conditions.

MOG76 - Swimming Pools Discharges 08-01-2019 07-31-2024

Discharge of filter backwash and pool drainage from swimming pools and lined ponds which use chlorine as a sanitizer.

MOG821 - Land App Dom WW Biosolids 12-01-2017 11-30-2022

SIC #4952
Land application of domestic septage onto agricultural land for beneficial use as fertilizer and soil amendment for total volume up to 1,000,000 gallons per year that are land applied in accordance with an approved land Application Management Plan that conforms to the Best Management Practices and other requirements contained in the general permit. Lime stabilization is required prior to land application and application rates shall not exceed 10,000 gallons/acre per year.

MOG822 - Land App of Food Processing WW 05-23-2017 05-22-2022

No-Discharge Facility - Sic Code 2011-2099 and 5812
Land Application of wastes from light commercial Food Products Industry Major Group 20 (SIC Codes 2011-2099) and restaurant grease traps (SIC Code 5812) onto agricultural land for use as fertilizer and soil amendment where dry weather design wastewater flows are 10,000 gallons per day or less and are land applied in accordance with an approved Land Application Management Plan that conforms to the Best Management Practices and other requirements contained in the general permit.

MOG823 - Land App of Domestic Wastewater

08-25-2017 08-24-2022

No-discharge, private, domestic wastwater treatment facilities with design flows of less than 50,000 gallons per day.

MOG84 - Clay Pits 07-01-2016 06-30-2021

Discharge of Stormwater, snowmelt and infiltration water from a clay pit or mine.

MOG87 - Pesticide Applications 01-01-2017 12-31-2021


Point source discharges of pesticides to waters of the state for the specific pesticide use patterns as defined in this permit.  The permit requires that applicators implement site specific control practices and other pest management strategies that are designed to minimize discharges of pesticides to waters of the State.

MOG92 - Feedstock Compost Sites 01-25-2018 01-24-2023

SIC #2875
Mixed feedstock composting operations under 20 acres. The operation is to be designed and operated as a no-discharge facility.

MOG94 - Fuel Spill Cleanup 02-01-2017 01-31-2022

Wastewater from fuel spill cleanup.

MOG97 - Yard Waste Compost Sites 08-07-2018 08-06-2023

SIC #2875

Stormwater runoff.
Flow is dependent upon precipitation.
Yard Waste Composting operations under 20 acres.

MOGC - Sewer Extension Construction 04-20-2015 04-19-2020

SIC #4952

Construction of such proposed facilities shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Missouri Clean Water Law, Chapter 644, RSMo, and regulation promulgated thereunder, or this permit may be revoked by the Department of Natural Resources (Department).

As the Department does not examine structural features of design or the efficiency of mechanical equipment, the issuance of this permit does not include approval of these features.

MOGD - Non-POTW's Discharging ≤ 50,000 GPD 07-01-2019 06-30-2024

Non-publically owned treatment works discharging less than or equal to 50,000 gallons per day.

MOGSE - Sewer Extension Construction 01-03-2020 01-02-2025


This permit authorizes the construction of gravity sewer extensions, force mains, and lift stations. Non-earthen flow equalization storage basins at lift stations and inline storage, which flows back into the lift station or collection system, are also included.

MOGS1 - State No-Discharge CAFO 01-29-2018 01-28-2023

SIC #0251

State No-Discharge Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) - Process wastes are collected and managed as fertilizer by spreading onto agricultural fields at agricultural rates in accordance with this permit.

Other Technical Bulletins Related to General Permits