The Missouri Department of Natural Resources recently implemented a new electronic discharge monitoring reports (eDMR) system to replace the previous third party E2 eDMR system. The new eDMR system is accessed through the department's Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM) online portal system. You must have a MoGEM account in order to access eDMR.

If for some reason you are unable to use eDMR, you will need to submit an Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report Waiver Request Form MO 780-2692 to the department.

How to Access eDMR

Once your MoGEM account is created, you will need to login to the MoGEM online portal to access eDMR. For additional instructions, review How to access and login to MoGEM and navigate eDMR. If you need assistance, or are experiencing issues with eDMR, contact the eDMR Helpdesk. 

Associating to a Facility

Each user will have a role for each facility. The role associated to a facility determines what actions the user can take for that specific facility.

  • The first user to associate to a facility will need to be an Organization Official who will have the ability to eSign documents and approve others to eSign documents. This person must be an authorized person or a duly authorized representative of the facility.
  • Certifiers and preparers must be approved by the Organization Official before they are associated to a specific facility.

Once a user has an account registered in MoGEM, they will then need to associate to a facility for the approved role in the eDMR system. For additional instructions, review the document How to associate to a facility.

Additional eDMR User Guide Assistance

Note: Record Retention

  • The permittee must retain records of all monitoring information, including all calibration and maintenance records and all original strip chart recordings for continuous monitoring instrumentation, copies of all reports required by the permit and records of all data used to complete the application for the permit, for at least three years from the date of the sample, measurement, report or application. This period may be extended by request of the department at any time.
  • Records of monitoring information required by the permit related to the permittee's sewage sludge use and disposal activities must be retained for at least five years, or longer as required by 40 CFR part 503.

Upcoming Training Opportunities 

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