The Geological Survey Program investigates the state’s geology, providing geologic and hydrologic information and expertise to aid economic development, infrastructure considerations and environmental decision-making regarding site remediation, contaminant migration, subsurface investigations and geologic hazards. Staff oversee the proper construction of all wells, including water, oil, gas, exploration, heat pumps, and monitoring. The division also determines the character and availability of the state’s energy and mineral resources. Division management represents the state through the Association of American State Geologists and the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium.

Meet the Director - Amber Steele, RG

Amber Steele, Geological Survey Program Director

Amber Steele, RG, is the Geological Survey Program Director for the department’s Missouri Geological Survey. Amber began her career with the department in the Division of Environmental Quality in 2004, where she worked through 2009. She resumed employment with the department in 2016. Amber was appointed director of the Geological Survey Program in 2018.

Amber has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Soil Science. She is registered with Missouri’s Board of Geologist Registration, giving credential to support health, safety and welfare of Missouri citizens through sound geologic practices.

Amber's experience in the areas of natural resources and environmental policy includes a variety of technical and regulatory positions with U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil, along with expertise within the department's Geological Survey Program, Water Protection Program and Soil and Water Conservation Program.