Land disturbance activities include clearing, grubbing, excavating, grading, filling and other activities that result in the destruction of the root zone and/or land disturbance activity that is reasonably certain to cause pollution to waters of the state.

Land disturbance permits are required for construction disturbance activities of one or more acres or construction activities that disturb less than one acre when part of a larger common plan of development or sale that will disturb a cumulative total of one or more acres over the life of the project.

The primary requirement of a land disturbance permit is the development of a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) that incorporates site-specific best management practices (BMPs) to minimize soil exposure, soil erosion and the discharge of pollutants. The SWPPP ensures the design, implementation, management and maintenance of BMPs in order to prevent sediment and other pollutants from leaving the site.

When it rains (including other forms of precipitation), stormwater washes over the loose soil on a construction site, along with various materials and products being stored outside. As stormwater flows over the site, it can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris and chemicals from that loose soil and transport them to nearby storm sewer systems or directly into rivers, lakes or coastal waters. The department makes sure construction site operators have the proper stormwater controls in place so construction can proceed in a way that protects your community's clean water and the surrounding environment. One example of protecting water quality is the issuance of a land disturbance permit.  

MO-RAxxxxx Land Disturbance Stormwater General Permit

Electronic Permitting (ePermitting) is an online tool that allows users to apply for and obtain a Missouri Land Disturbance Stormwater General Operating Permit (MO-RAxxxxx). The department no longer processes MO-RAxxxxx paper applications. To access ePermitting, users will first have to register an account through the Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM) online portal.

MO-R100xxx Area-Wide Land Disturbance Stormwater General Permit

The Missouri Area-Wide Land Disturbance Stormwater General Operating Permit MO-R100xxx is only applicable to a city, county, state or federal agency, or other governmental jurisdiction. There is no online tool to apply for an area-wide land disturbance permit. To apply for or renew an MO-R100xxx permit, the permittee must submit Form G – Application for Land Disturbance Stormwater General Permit (MOR100 And MORA) MO 780-1408 and the appropriate fee.

Permit Fees

Acreage Disturbed

Permit Fee

1 - < 5 acres $500
5 - < 10 acres $600
10 - 25 acres $750
25 - < 100 acres $1,500
100 - < 500 acres $3,000
500 acres + $5,000

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