Annual Compliance Report

Overview image of a public drinking water facility

Each year the department produces the Annual Compliance Report (ACR) to document public water system violations. The department submits this annual report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The ACR must address violations of national primary drinking water regulations with respect to maximum contaminant levels, treatment techniques, significant monitoring requirements, variances and exemptions. Maximum contaminant level violations occur when a contaminant exceeds the maximum level allowed in drinking water. Monitoring violations occur when a system fails to perform required monitoring or fails to submit the monitoring by the deadline. Treatment technique violations occur when a water system fails to meet a specified treatment goal.

EPA summarizes and evaluates the annual state reports in an annual national report, which must also make recommendations concerning the resources needed to improve compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act.

The ACR differs from the Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR, in that the CCR is a report produced by the water system for their customers. The Annual Compliance Report is produced by the state for EPA.