Whether it comes from lakes, streams, rivers, or the ground – clean, abundant water is one of our state’s greatest treasures. Missouri has thousands of miles of rivers, streams and lakes, along with underground aquifers. Whether its human activity or natural occurrences, our water quality and quantity faces threats every day. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is working on a number of exciting initiatives to reduce various types of water pollution, improve water quality and protect our water resources. 

Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP)
Voluntary program for public water systems to increase public health protection
Clean Water Regionalization
Cost-effective approach to aging wastewater infrastructure and increasing costs
Gulf Hypoxia Program
Reducing excess nutrient losses from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basin
Lower Missouri River Flood Resiliency Studies
Exploring innovative solutions to improve flood protection along the Missouri River
Missouri Nutrient Trading Program
Market-based approach to offset nutrient load limits to meet permit requirements
Nonpoint Source Management Program
Exploring ways to control statewide nonpoint source pollution
Source Water Protection Program
Approaches to protect Missouri's drinking water at its sources