A well driller wearing a hardhat standing on the back platform of a well drilling rig while actively drilling a well

The Well Information Management System (WIMS 2.0) was developed to help well and pump installation contractors carry out various activities. WIMS 2.0 allows users to obtain or renew permits, register drill rigs and other vehicles, complete online testing, submit certification and registration reports and request variances, casing point depths and investigations. WIMS 2.0 also allows individuals search for well records and well and pump installation contractors in their area.

How to Access WIMS 2.0

The WIMS 2.0 system is accessed through the department's Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM) online portal system. For well and pump installation contractors wishing to apply for permits or submit records online, a MoGEM account must be created to utilize these functions in WIMS 2.0. Users who do not already have a MoGEM account need to register online as a new user, selecting WIMS 2.0 as the e-Services to access. For more information, review Registering for a New User Account within the Missouri Gateway for Environmental Management (MoGEM) Portal

Once your MoGEM account is created, you will need to login to the MoGEM online portal to access WIMS 2.0. If you need assistance, or are experiencing issues with WIMS 2.0, call 573-368-2165 or email welldrillers@dnr.mo.gov.

Individuals wishing to only use WIMS 2.0 search functions or to request an investigation do not need to create a MoGEM account and may simply use the links identified in the Public Functions section below. 

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