The department is providing this webpage in an effort to keep you informed and up-to-date on our water activities and devise an improved fee structure. This page contains information related to all our stakeholder meetings as well as links to supplemental documents. We will be adding information regularly.

Clean Water

All persons who build, erect, alter, replace, operate, use or maintain wastewater treatment facilities in Missouri shall pay the appropriate fees pursuant to 644.057, RSMo and as outlined in 10 CSR 20-6.011 Fees.


Convenient electronic payment is now available using JetPay to pay Missouri Clean Water Fees.      

Effective July 1, 2014, Per Chapter 37, Section 37.007, of the Missouri Revised Statutes, a convenience fee will be charged to all customers who wish to pay by electronic methods. The convenience fee will be retained by a third party vendor, JetPay, Inc., not the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Clean Water Commission

If you have questions regarding operator certification, including upcoming training courses and dates, visit the Operator Certification webpage.

Clean Water Stakeholders

Beginning in 2020, the department began meeting with stakeholders to discuss possible revisions to the fee structure. 


Our team is here to help! Contact us by emailing general clean water fee questions to or speak to a member of the Fiscal Management Section call 573-751-8347.

Drinking Water

The Public Drinking Water Primacy Fee, Laboratory Certification Fee and Laboratory Services and Program Administration Fees establish a dedicated funding source to support the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' efforts to ensure adequate water that is safe to drink. The primacy fee provides funding necessary to implement the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act regulations and maintain delegation of the federal public drinking water program. Public water systems in Missouri are subject to these fees according to Missouri Revised Statutes, section 640.100, RSMo, and outlined in Code of State Regulations, 10 CSR 60-16. More information about the fees is available in the department's factsheet, The Drinking Water Primacy Fee: What Does the Fee Do for You? PUB2229

Paying Fees

The fees can be paid by mail or electronically using JetPay. Effective July 1, 2014, all customers who choose to pay by electronic method will be charged a convenience fee, according to section 37.007, RSMo. The convenience fee will be retained by the third party vendor, JetPay Inc., not the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Fee Structure Changes

The department began hosting stakeholder meetings in January 2020, to discuss potential changes to the primacy fee, laboratory certification fees and the laboratory services and program administration fee structures. For more information, visit Public Drinking Water Fee Structure Changes.

Additional Information


If you have questions regarding operator certification, including upcoming training courses and dates, visit Operator Certification. For general drinking water fee questions, you may submit your questions by email to or call 573-751-8347 to speak to a member of the Fiscal Management Section.