The solid waste tonnage fees are paid by operating solid waste landfills and solid waste processing facilities located in Missouri and deposited into the Solid Waste Management Fund. Sanitary and demolition landfills pay fees for waste they accept for disposal. Processing facilities, material recovery facilities and transfer stations pay fees for waste they transport out of Missouri for disposal. The fees are used to fund market development for recovered materials by the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA)the department's solid waste management activities and 20 solid waste management districts' operations. The department activities include eliminating illegal solid waste disposal, identifying and prosecuting persons illegally disposing solid waste, conducting solid waste permitting activities, administering grants and performing other duties detailed in the Missouri Revised Statutes, sections 260.200 to 260.345, RSMo.   

Fee Rates

The current fee rates are outlined in section 260.330, RSMo, and are as follows:

Current Tonnage Fee Rates
Facility Type Amount
Sanitary Landfills $2.11 per ton or its volumetric equivalent for solid waste accepted at the landfill
Construction and Demolition Waste $1.40 per ton or its volumetric equivalent for solid waste accepted at the landfill
Certain Processing Facilities and All Transfer Stations $2.11 per ton or its volumetric equivalent for solid waste transported out-of-state for disposal

For information about the amount of waste (tonnage) reported and fees collected by the solid waste facilities, visit Solid Waste Tonnage Reporting and Fees.


Details as to how revenues in the Solid Waste Management Fund are distributed each fiscal year are outlined in section 260.335, RSMo.

The first distributions made from the fund are allocated as follows: 

  • $800,000 per year  ($200,000 every 3 months) is made available to the EIERA, for the Missouri Market Development Program
  • $200,000 per year is allocated to the solid waste management districts receiving a reduction in funds due to the 2004 allocation formula change  

All remaining revenues deposited into the fund are allocated every 3 months as follows:

  • 39% is made available to the department for solid waste operating costs
  • 61% is provided to the solid waste management districts (except any annual increases in the charge through Oct. 1, 2027, which must be used solely to fund the department's solid waste operating costs)

At the end of the fiscal year, if there are any remaining funds generated from previous fiscal years, the department is allowed an amount up to one-fourth of the department's previous fiscal year expenses. Any remaining funds are reallocated, 39%  to the department and 61% to the districts. For more information about how the funds are distributed among the solid waste management districts, visit Solid Waste Management District Funding Allocations.