Since 1992, the department has provided yearly grant funding to Missouri's 20 solid waste management districts to fund their operations and community-based waste reduction, reuse, composting and recycling projects. This funding is a portion of the revenues generated by the solid waste tonnage fee and deposited into the Solid Waste Management Fund. For information about the amount of waste (tonnage) reported and fees collected by the solid waste facilities, visit Solid Waste Tonnage Reporting and Fees. For more information about the tonnage fee, visit Solid Waste Tonnage Fees and Allocations.

Of the fees deposited into the Solid Waste Management Fund, the department allocates $800,000 per year to the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority and up to $200,000 each year for grants to the solid waste management districts receiving a reduction in funds due to the 2004 allocation formula change. The remaining revenues deposited into the fund are then allocated every 3 months, with 61% of the revenues provided to the solid waste management districts. The department divides the funds between the solid waste management districts based on the following criteria:

  • 40%  based on the population of each district in the latest 10-year census
  • 60% based on the amount of revenue generated within each district, based on the previous year's data

The districts award part of these funds as grants to local governments, small and large businesses, schools, sheltered workshops and individuals to support their activities to remove materials from the waste stream and return them for beneficial reuse. For more information about district grants, visit Solid Waste Management District Grants.

Past Allocations

The Solid Waste District Allocations (1992 - Present) report lists the amount of funds distributed to each solid waste management district since the district grants program began. For more information about your local solid waste management district, visit Solid Waste Management Districts.

Current Quarterly Allocations

The table below shows how much funding each solid waste district received during the current fiscal year, based on revenues deposited between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Allocations are rounded to the nearest dollar. The cash balance is the balance as of the end of the last reported quarter.

State Fiscal Year 2022 Allocations

District 1st
Total Allocations
Cash Balance
(As of 10/20/2021)
A 23,750       23,750 44,075
B 23,750       23,750 233,498
C 23,750       23,750 247,494
D 57,256       57,256 228,151
E 320,798       320,798 2,189,876
F 154,169       154,169 342,272
G 105,220       105,220 370,097
H 120,301       120,301 499,870
I 33,190       33,190 97,523
J 23,750       23,750 169,780
K 84,423       84,423 293,531
L 670,462       670,462 3,461,863
M 149,019       149,019 181,466
N 23,934       23,934 118,934
O 131,950       131,950 591,961
P 66,655       66,655 289,522
Q 23,750       23,750 49,875
R 37,555       37,555 159,843
S 61,882       61,882 337,148
T 23,750       23,750 29,920
Totals $2,159,313 $0 $ 0 $0 $2,159,313 $9,936,700