The Missouri Department of Natural Resources offers training for those who must follow environmental regulations or obtain certain licenses, professional registrations or certifications. Training is a vital role of helping our customers understand how to comply with federal and state rules and regulations.

Building Operator Certification
Energy and resource efficiency training for operations and maintenance staff
Home Energy Audits
Certification and recertification requirements and guidelines for home energy auditors
Missouri Home Energy Certifications
Certification requirements and guidelines
Drinking Water Operator Certification
Training approval and certification information for drinking water operators
Chemical Laboratory Certification
List of Certified Chemical Laboratories or learn how to apply to become one online
Missouri Underground Storage Tank Operator Training
Free online and classroom certification training for A/B and C operators (PSTIF)
Solid Waste Technician Certification
Certification and recertification information for landfill operators
Wastewater Operator Certification
Training approval and certification information for wastewater system operators, including concentrated animal feeding operations
Weatherization Network Training Providers
Third party training providers and resources for Missouri’s weatherization network
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing the protection of our natural resources
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