Energy comes in many forms including solar panels, wind turbines, gasoline, electric charging stations, electricity, nuclear and the sun.

In furthering Governor Parson’s priorities of infrastructure, workforce development and government efficiency, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources initiated the Missouri State Energy Planning (MoSEP) process. The MoSEP process identifies and addresses topics critical to Missouri's energy needs through stakeholder engagement. The initial Summary and Action Report for the MoSEP process summarizes activity that occurred in association with the Oct. 29, 2020, kickoff meeting of the MoSEP process, as well as our plan for additional engagement.

Following two rounds of regional meetings, the department identified stakeholder-suggested initiatives for Cycle 1 of the MoSEP process based on criteria presented during the regional meetings. These criteria include the relation of initiatives to the six statewide core values for the MoSEP process, having an initiative “champion” to partner with the department, and being regionally relevant, consensus-based (to the greatest extent possible), actionable, time-bound, and measurable. A subsequent Summary and Action Report describes Missouri's energy landscape and MoSEP process activities under the Cycle 1 workgroups. 

Visit the Missouri State Energy Planning (MoSEP) Process Stakeholder Groups webpage for past meeting materials. Additionally, the department created the following sources of information on Missouri’s energy landscape:

Review the Comprehensive State Energy Plan webpage for information about the 2015 state energy planning effort.

To learn more, contact the Division of Energy.