Our mission is to ensure dams in the state are constructed, maintained and operated in a safe manner. This is accomplished by regulation of all nonagricultural and nonfederal dams 35 feet or greater in height, as established by state laws, rules and regulations, and by providing technical assistance and informational resources to all dam owners.

Nonagricultural, nonfederal dams 35 feet or greater in height require a permit
Measuring the Height of a Dam
The height of a dam is critical in knowing if state regulations apply
Emergency Action Plans
Plans can help save lives and reduce property damage in an emergency situation
Dam and Reservoir Safety Permits
Permits are needed to construct a dam in Missouri. Search for permit forms
Installing a Reservoir Siphon
The location for installing a siphon is very important
Dam and Reservoir Safety Council
We work with the department to provide public safety relating to dams and reservoirs
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing the protection of our natural resources
Association of State Dam Safety Officials
We are a member of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials