Heavy machinery moving solid waste inside a transfer station
Operating solid waste transfer station.

All solid waste accepted at sanitary or demolition landfills in Missouri and all solid waste (including infectious waste) transported from transfer stations in Missouri for disposal out of the state are subject to tonnage fees, according to Missouri Revised Statues, section 260.330, RSMo. Facilities are required to submit reports to the department quarterly, reporting the number of tons and fees paid. These reports are due 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter. Facilities complete the tonnage reporting requirements electronically through a web-based software called Re-TRAC. Please contact the department's Waste Management Program to register for the Re-TRAC software.

If a solid waste transfer station or infectious waste processing facility disposes of its solid waste at a landfill in Missouri, the facility does not owe a tonnage fee. However, the facility must still submit a tonnage fee report to the department to confirm that no waste was disposed of out-of-state.

For more information about the tonnage fee and how all revenues in the Solid Waste Management Fund are distributed, visit Solid Waste Tonnage Fees and AllocationsFor more information about how the funds are distributed among the solid waste management districts, visit Solid Waste Management District Funding Allocations. The reports provide below contain information for all facilities for that specific facility type, and include figures from calendar year 2005 to present.