What types of land and geology permits are required?

Anyone wishing to install a water, heat pump, injection or monitoring well in Missouri must be licensed by the department. Permits also must be obtained from the department for oil and gas wells and for constructing nonagricultural and nonfederal dams and reservoirs in Missouri that are 35 feet or greater in height. Permits are required for the mining of limestone, sand, gravel, clay, coal, tar sands, barite, sandstone, granite, traprock and metallic minerals. Permits also are associated with land reclamation activities.

How do permits protect health?

Permits help protect public health, safety and the environment from the adverse effect of mining and assure the beneficial restoration of mined lands. They ensure regulated dams and reservoirs are properly constructed and maintained and emergency action plans are developed.

How you can get involved in land and geology permitting?

Issued permits

Locate permits that have been issued, completed or are pending. 

Obtain a permit