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The Land Reclamation Program assures that mined land is returned to the best possible condition for use after mining is completed. Our program administers the State statutes, regulations, policies and directives of the Missouri Mining Commission. We work to assure that Missouri's mineral resources are available for economic development, and after reclamation, the land is available for new development or public use. The Missouri Mining Commission is a governing body that represents the governor of Missouri and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in matters related to mineral extraction regulations. The commission is comprised of representatives from industry, academia and government. Protecting public health and the environment. History of Mining in Missouri.

Land Reclamation

While we inspect and enforce the mining laws during the operation of mines in Missouri, the primary goal for the department's Land Reclamation Program is final reclamation after the mining is complete. This short video provides insight about successful reclamation in Missouri.






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The Missouri Division of Fire Safety Regulates Blasting at Industrial Mineral Open Pit Mine Sites

BlastingBlasting is an activity associated with open pit mining of industrial minerals in Missouri. There has been confusion among the public about who to contact concerning blasting at an industrial mineral open pit mine site. The misconception is that the Land Reclamation Program regulates blasting at open pit industrial mineral mine sites. Blasting at industrial mineral open pit mine sites is regulated by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety, Missouri Blasting Safety Act. Therefore, the Land Reclamation Program created this video to inform the public about land reclamation requirements for open pit mining operations as well as information about the Missouri Blasting Safety Act and the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. This video helps to clarify the distinction between Land Reclamation Program and Missouri Division of Fire Safety roles at industrial mineral open pit mine operations. Watch the video.