The department is charged with the protection of groundwater. This is accomplished through the regulation of the construction and plugging of several well types and the permitting of well installation contractors. 

Well and Pump Installation Contractor Permitting
Contractor testing, permit renewal, submit well records and more
Well Types
Regulations determine the type of well required for a particular use
Well Information Management System (WIMS 2.0)
Apply for permits, submit records, search for wells, contractors and more
Well Protection and Maintenance
Well owners play an important role in the protection of water wells and groundwater
Locate existing wells and records
Locate information about well construction requirements across the state
Protecting Domestic Drinking Water
Learn about ways the department protects groundwater - video
Public Drinking Water Systems
Missouri’s public water systems provide safe drinking water
Well Logs, Cuttings and Cores
Detailed information about the wells and subsurface at well sites
Aquifer Information and Groundwater Availability
Aquifer Information and Groundwater Availability

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