One individual handing a grant check to another individual

Watershed protection takes funding as well as action. Financial assistance is available to help communities develop a comprehensive plan to help restore and protect waters that have been impaired or threatened by pollution. Financial resources are also available for the voluntary implementation of various planned activities, including land management practices to protect high quality resources or address water quality impairments or concerns. Listed below are some resources that can help:

Department Financial Assistance

  • Section 319 Nonpoint Source Subgrants - Funding to help with watershed planning to address impaired waters and for implementing activities in accepted nine-element watershed based plans. These plans must have been accepted by both the department and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 
  • Section 604(b) Water Quality Management Planning Grant - Funding to carry out water quality management planning. Planning activities funded by a 604(b) grant include determining the nature, extent and causes of point and nonpoint source water pollution problems, and developing plans to resolve these problems. 
  • Soil and Water Conservation Cost-Share Practices - Cost-share program to help landowners install soil and water conservation practices on agricultural land, save soil from eroding and reduce nutrients and pesticides from entering Missouri’s waterways.
  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) - The Clean Water SRF program provides low-interest loans and grants to Missouri communities for a wide range of water quality infrastructure projects. Similarly, the Drinking Water SRF program provides low-interest loans and grants to Missouri communities for a wide range of drinking water infrastructure projects. Both programs can be used to help address priority nonpoint source needs.

External Funding Opportunities


  • Developing a Sustainable Finance Plan: EPA’s Watershed Academy training module to help watershed organizations increase their impact through financial planning and acquiring sustainable funding.
  • Grant Writing Basics - community blog that shares tips for writing grant applications.