The department’s Public Drinking Water Branch has the important mission of ensuring Missouri’s more than 2,700 public water systems provide safe drinking water to every resident and visitor in the state. To do this, the branch monitors for contaminants, issues permits for new and existing public water systems, certifies drinking water treatment and distribution operators, supports and promotes water system security, provides support for improving technical, managerial, and financial capacity, and provides funding opportunities for water system improvements. Our aim is to help keep you informed of the quality of Missouri's drinking water.

Issued Drinking Water Permits
Construction permits and permits to dispense issued to public water systems
Capacity Development
Technical, managerial and financial information
Backflow Prevention
The reverse flow of contaminated water into a potable water distribution system
Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP)
Assistance for public drinking water systems to increase public health protection
Chronic Violators
Public water systems who have failed to test their drinking water
Certified Chemical Laboratories
List of Certified Chemical Laboratories or learn how to apply to become one online
Certified Microbiological Laboratories
List of Certified Microbiological Laboratories or learn how to apply to become one online
Request Additional Sampling Bottles
Public water systems or water operators conducting bacteriological water analysis
Drinking Water Annual Reports
Consumer Confidence, Census, Annual Compliance, Chronic Violators
Technical Assistance
RTCR, lead, disinfection assistance and more
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing water; rules in development