The main goal of the department’s compliance and enforcement teams is to achieve regulatory compliance with environmental laws at Missouri's regulated facilities and sites. The department uses formal enforcement actions to resolve outstanding non-compliance that could not be resolved through the informal conference, conciliation and persuasion process. Formal enforcement actions include, but are not limited to, suspending or revoking a permit, Abatement/ Administrative Orders and Abatement/ Administrative Orders on Consent. These actions typically require the responsible party to implement a schedule for achieving compliance at the facility or site. The actions may require paying a penalty, cost recovery or damage amounts assessed for the violations.

Listed below are various enforcement actions, from 2019 to present. You may use the title or keywords fields to search for specific records. The records can also be filtered by selecting an enforcement type, year or area of focus. Currently there are no Dam and Reservoir, Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Tire or Underground Storage Tanks records included in the table. These records will be added to the table as they become available. 

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Date In the Matter of Type Order Number Area of Focus
Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant, Liberty Utilities (Missouri Water) LLC - 2022-WPCB-1634 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1634 Wastewater
City of Gladstone - 2022-WPCB-1655 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1655 Wastewater
Selma Village Wastewater Treatment Facility, Selma Village Sewer District of Jefferson County, Missouri - 2022-WPCB-1719 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1719 Wastewater
Weatherstone Wastewater Treatment Facility - 2022-WPCB-1707 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1707 Wastewater
Get-A-Way Resorts LLC, Branson View Campground - 2022-WPCB-1724 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1724 Wastewater
Nichole Ray Properties, LLC, Winfield Manor Mobile Wastewater Treatment Facility - 2022-WPCB-1680 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1680 Wastewater
AN&S2 Properties LLC, Verda Vista Apartments Wastewater Treatment Facility - 2022-WPCB-1653 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1653 Wastewater
Christopher Subdivision No. 2 Homeowners Association, Christopher Subdivision #2 - 2022-WPCB-1683 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1683 Wastewater
Don Gibson, Bennett Springs Campground - 2022-WPCB-1704 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1704 Wastewater
JKR Premier Properties LLC, Country Horizon Mobile Home Park - 2022-WPCB-1712 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1712 Wastewater
Sana Lake Recovery Center - 2022-WPCB-1661 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1661 Wastewater
Ganpati LLC - 2022-WPCB-1715 Administrative Order 2022-WPCB-1715 Wastewater
James Needy, Country Horizon Mobile Home Park - 2022-WPCB-1710 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1710 Wastewater
Missouri-American Water Company, Orrick Wastewater Treatment Facility - 2022-WPCB-1714 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1714 Wastewater
City of Salem Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2022-WPCB-1687 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1687 Wastewater
G & L Properties, Inc., Oasis Mobile Home Park - 2022-WPCB-1694 Abatement Order on Consent 2022-WPCB-1694 Wastewater
Chris McClanahand dba M&T Drilling, WIS-2022-02 Administrative Order WIS-2022-02 Wells and Drilling
David A. Petry, Jr., Petry Mobile Home Park - 2021-WPCB-1693 Abatement Order on Consent 2021-WPCB-1693 Wastewater
Ruethers Bros and Sons Farms, LLC - 2021-WPCB-1682 Abatement Order on Consent 2021-WPCB-1682 Wastewater
City of Holcomb Wastewater Treatment Facility - 2021-WPCB-1656 Abatement Order on Consent 2021-WPCB-1656 Wastewater

Not all department enforcement actions are available on our website. if you cannot find the specific record you need, you can submit an Open Records/ Sunshine Law Request to the department’s Custodian of Record.

***NOTICE*** Due to the high volume of requests and staffing shortages, open records requests are taking longer to complete than expected.