The following table contains electronic copies of all currently effective site-specific wastewater permits issued by the department. These facilities have been authorized to either discharge to waters of the state, or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility. The list includes Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Permits, stormwater permits, wastewater permits, underground injection control well permits — except master general permits and construction permits. These permits are written to be site-specific, issued to that one location to reflect the unique nature of the wastewater or the receiving water. The permits are consistent with applicable water quality standards, effluent standards or treatment requirements or suitable timetables to meet these requirements (10 CSR 20-7.015 and 7.031).

The department will add each site specific wastewater permit as it is issued. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please submit an Open Records/ Sunshine Law Request.

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Effective Date Between
Permit Number Applicant/ Facility County Effective Date Expiration Date
MO0104361 Bay Point Village Condominiums Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden
MO0109398 Big Shot Family Attraction Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Camden
MO0103322 Green Castle Wastewater Treatment Facility Sullivan
MO0023108 Higginsville South Lagoon Lafayette
MO0121169 J.D. Streett and Co. Inc. St. Louis (city)
MO0106291 Millard Wastewater Treatment Facility Adair
MO0113905 Riverwood II Estates Wastewater Treatment Facility Johnson
MO0056928 Swan Lake Estates Lafayette
MO0039659 Missouri American Water Company, Eureka Wastewater Treatment Facility St. Louis
MO0001082 Ameren Missouri-Taum Sauk Energy Center Reynolds
MO0118788 Arrowridge Subdivision Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden
MO0000345 Ashley Energy St. Louis (city)
MO0139891 Blackman Water Treatment Plant Greene
MO0128279 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Arbor Trails Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0122807 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Essex Place Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0119491 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Major Custom Cable Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0100609 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Midwest Energy Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0110621 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Mulberry Acres Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0129739 Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District-Saxony Lutheran High School Wastewater Treatment Facility Cape Girardeau
MO0133078 Castlegate Wastewater Treatment Plant Camden
MO0132438 Clifton Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility Randolph
MO0000281 Doe Run Co., The-Herculaneum Smelter Jefferson
MO0028592 Emma North Wastewater Treatment Facility Saline
MO0056553 Farmington Manor Wastewater Treatment Facility St. Francois
MO0118427 Ganpati LLC Pettis
MO0138878 Grissom-Vocker Wastewater Treatment Plant Camden
MO0132411 Isla del Sol Condos Wastewater Treatment Facility Miller
MO0126454 Jackson County Vehicle Service Center Jackson
MO0049280 Jefferson County Public Sewer District-Fawn Meadow Wastewater Treatment Plant Jefferson
MO0049531 Kansas City-Birmingham Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0024911 Kansas City-Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant Jackson
MO0048313 Kansas City-Fishing River Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0048305 Kansas City-Rocky Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant Clay
MO0024961 Kansas City-Todd Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Platte
MO0024929 Kansas City-Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant Jackson
MO0107026 Lincoln County Egg Farm Lincoln
MO0121916 Livonia Wastewater Treatment Facility Putnam
MO0113964 Mid-American Coaches Wastewater Treatment Facility Franklin
MO0022918 Missouri American Water Company Orrick Wastewater Treatment Facility Ray
MO0126357 Missouri Petroleum Products Co. LLC St. Louis
MO0120910 Motomart St. Louis
MO0103365 Norwood Wastewater Treatment Plant Wright
MO0133086 Oak Ridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Cape Girardeau
MO0139840 Powell's Creekside Haven Wastewater Treatment Facility Johnson
MO0109916 Reel and Trigger Resort Wastewater Treatment Facility Benton
MO0101176 SEMO Residential Care Wastewater Treatment Facility Stoddard
MO0081655 Southern Hills Wastewater Treatment Facility Johnson
MO0136476 Sterett Creek Marina Wastewater Treatment Facility Benton
MO0132420 Sunset Palms Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden
MO0139068 The Quarry Wine Garden Wastewater Treatment Facility St. Charles