Listed below are electronic copies of requests for a new site-specific permit, or modification to an existing permit, issued by the department to a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO). To obtain a complete permit application, please submit an Open Records/ Sunshine Law Request. Information about other permit applications in process is available in the department's Missouri Clean Water Information Systems (MoCWIS) business application. The Applications in Process Search provides a list of all water pollution permit applications received by the department. An application is considered ‘In Process’ from the date it is received until it is closed. An application is closed when the permit is issued, the application is denied or the application is withdrawn by the applicant.
Electronic copies of all currently effective site-specific wastewater permits issued by the department, including CAFO permits, are available on the department's Issued Site-Specific Wastewater Permits webpage. They are also available in the MoCWIS application, within the Permits Search.

CAFO Facility Applications
Application Received DateApplicant/ FacilityCountyApplication TypeStatusPermit Number
08/04/2021Bennett AG LLCMississippiNew Permit-GS10617IssuedMOGS10617
10/21/2021Branches Farm LLCPettisNew Permit-GS10619IssuedMOGS10619
11/29/2021Paradiso De MaialiPikeNew Permit-GS10621IssuedMOGS10621
06/15/2022Stone Ridge Pork LLCAndrewModification-GS10521IssuedMOGS10521
08/24/2022Stormy HollowCallawayModification-GS10590IssuedMOGS10590
01/19/2023R and F MOCallawayModification-GS10600IssuedMOGS10600
02/13/2023Keeling FarmsNewtonNew Permit-GS10624IssuedMOGS10624
04/17/2023Powers Premium PoultryScottNew Permit-GS10625IssuedMOGS10625
05/01/2023Martin and Thian ThuanBarryNew Permit-GS10626IssuedMOGS10626
06/01/2023TMP Farms LLCMarionExpanded-GS10006Draft 
06/04/2023Kao and Akia YangMcDonaldNew Permit-GS10629IssuedMOGS10637
06/07/2023Van Hmun PoultryMcDonaldNew Permit-GS10631IssuedMOGS10631
06/09/2023Than Hniar & Sui TialMcDonaldNew Permit-GS10633IssuedMOGS10633
06/26/2023James BuiNewtonNew Permit-GS10630IssuedMOGS10644
06/29/2023Beau WaggonerJohnsonNew Permit-GS10635IssuedMOGS10635
07/05/2023Donald and Robin CatoBollingerNew Permit-GS10634IssuedMOGS10634
09/11/2023Cung Tha LianBentonNew Permit-GS10638IssuedMOGS10638
09/11/2023Sui TialBentonNew Permit-GS10640IssuedMOGS10640
09/12/2023Thang Lian Cung and Lydia Tawk Tha CungMcDonaldNew Permit-GS10639IssuedMOGS10639
09/15/2023KBrown Farms LLCBarryNew Permit-GS10641IssuedMOGS10641
09/27/2023Chan Ro LingBentonNew Permit-GS10642IssuedMOGS10642
09/28/2023Tha Hlei SungBentonNew Permit-GS10643IssuedMOGS10643
10/4/2023Phun SangMcDonaldModification-GS10218IssuedMOGS10218
10/18/2023Murphy Family Ventures LLC, Ozark-Osage PyramidVernonExpanded-MO0131032Draft 
11/07/2023Wolf Creek Acres LLCJohnsonExpanded-GS10592Draft 
11/13/2023Quality Farms Inc.McDonaldNew Permit-GS10645IssuedMOGS10645
12/08/2023America's Heartland Packing LLCWarrenNew Permit-GS10646Draft 
12/26/2023Prairie View Pigs LLCClarkExpanded-GS10523Draft 
03/12/2024Sang Dum & Kil KhenNewtonNew Permit-GS10647Draft