A blue tractor pulling two white anhydrous ammonia tanks fertilizing a field
Anhydrous ammonia is a widely used source of nitrogen fertilizer.

Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Workgroup is a stakeholder workgroup organized by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Air Pollution Control Program. The Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Rule was delegated to the department through House Bill 3. Beginning Jan. 2, 2023, the effective date of the bill, the department's Air Pollution Control Program will prepare a preliminary rulemaking package to comply with the bill’s provisions. This will take 18-24 months to complete.

In the early stages of the rulemaking process, the air program will hold meetings to explain the bill and the new fee structure and to lay out the timeline for the affected sources. Updates to this rulemaking will be posted on this webpage and will be distributed through GovDelivery. If you would like to receive notifications, click on the green "Get Updates on this Issue" button on this webpage.


Meetings are held as needed and are open to everyone. Attendance at these meetings may be in person, by conference call or through Webex. The department cannot guarantee the quality of the Webex or conference call options. The department attempts to correct any technical difficulties as they arise, but the meeting will not be subject to change or repeat due to any technical difficulties.

If there are issues you would like to discuss during the meeting, you will need to notify the department before the meeting. You can do this by emailing the staff coordinator noted below. 

Staff Coordinator: Stephanie Durbin, Rule Development Unit, AGAmmoniaRiskManagement@dnr.mo.gov, 573-751-4817

Upcoming Meetings

There are no new meetings currently scheduled. Please check back, because we anticipate new information soon!

Past Meetings

Statewide, Missouri
More Info:
Video recording, May 16, 2023
Additional Materials:
Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia, Kickoff Presentation, May 16, 2023


Information will be added as soon as it becomes available.