MoDNR staff providing compliance assistance to a small business owner

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants to help businesses, communities and industrial facilities better understand the requirements of their environmental regulations, so throughout the department, staff members provide technical assistance.

Department employees provide assistance regarding air permits and related topics at work sites, via telephone or through email. They help facilities understand and complete documents required by the U.S. Clean Air Act and the Missouri Air Conservation Law. Think of it as a crash course called Air Pollution 101.

Together, you and the staff member decide what to cover. One such session may cover renewing permits, tracking air emissions and completing a company's toxic release inventory.

To request assistance, contact the department's Air Pollution Control Program or one of the department's Regional Offices near you. 

Compliance Assistance and Small Businesses

Small businesses may not have staff members prepared to handle the requirements stipulated in air permits; therefore, many of the businesspeople who seek assistance either own or work for small businesses. Missouri statutes define a small business as having one or more of the following attributes:

  • Employs less than 100 people
  • Emits less than 50 tons of any regulated pollutant per year or less than 75 tons of all regulated pollutants
  • Does not have the potential to emit 10 tons per year of any hazardous air pollutant
  • Does not have the potential to emit 25 tons of any combination of hazardous air pollutants
  • Does not have the potential to emit 100 tons per year of an air contaminant with or without control devices
  • Meets other definitions as defined by the Missouri Air Conservation Commission

Small business assistance offered through the department focuses on environmental compliance, particularly air pollution compliance and regulatory requirements. Resources for small businesses include:

Other Resources Offering Compliance Assistance

Additional assistance offered within the department include the following:

Small business links, not related to the department

State of Missouri sites, includes sites related to financial assistance

Missouri laws and regulations

Federal websites

Federal laws, regulations and legislation