The Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants to help businesses, communities and regulated facilities better understand environmental regulations — and avoid associated violations. Regulated entities may request compliance assistance visits by completing the online form below, or by contacting one of the department’s regional offices.

A compliance assistance visit would benefit a new facility, as well as a facility facing changes in permits or regulatory requirements. In addition, when facilities undergo a change in status or management, a compliance assistance visit can help smooth the transition.

What occurs during a visit?

The visit itinerary depends on the request. In general, a department representative will meet with staff at the facility and do some or all of the following:

  • Explain regulatory requirements and provide updates, as applicable
  • Help a regulated entity achieve and maintain compliance with permitting requirements
  • Answer questions about permits, offer suggestions and discuss issues that arise during the meeting
  • Serve as an ongoing resource. After an in-person visit, the department representative can continue to provide assistance via email, telephone or another in-person visit

Please note that the department does not intend compliance assistance visits to serve as comprehensive inspections or to result in final compliance or noncompliance determinations. However, if the department representative observes problems with compliance, the representative will provide recommendations about handling the issues and ask the facility to address the situation. If the representative sees a violation that poses imminent harm to human health or the environment, the representative will notify the facility of the serious violation, and the department will perform a compliance inspection.

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