The Missouri Geological Survey was created in 1853 to collect and distribute information about Missouri's water, mineral and energy resources. The division investigates the state’s geology and determines the character and availability of the state’s energy and mineral resources. The division provides geologic and hydrologic information and expertise to help economic development, infrastructure considerations and environmental decision-making regarding site cleanup and restoration, contaminant migration, subsurface investigations and geologic hazards. The division oversees the proper construction of all wells, including water, oil, gas, exploration, heat pumps and monitoring. The division administers five technical programs: dam and reservoir safety, geological survey, land reclamation, soil and water conservation and water resources.

Meet the Director and Deputy Directors
Director Carey Bridges, RG and Deputies Jerry Prewett, RG and Chris Wieberg
Administration Program
Providing fiscal, personnel, facilities and other administrative support
Dam and Reservoir Safety Program
Ensuring public safety and protecting the investment and purpose of dams and reservoirs
Geological Survey Program
Providing integrated earth science information and related services
Land Reclamation Program
Ensuring restoration of mined lands to protect public health, safety and the environment
Soil and Water Conservation Program
Assisting landowners with soil and water conservation on agricultural lands
Water Resources Center
Overseeing water quality, availability and use to meet Missouri's comprehensive water needs