The Dam and Reservoir Safety Program administers the provisions of the Missouri Dam and Reservoir Safety law. The program provides public safety of downstream residents against dam failure as well as protecting the investment and purpose of the reservoir. The program regulates nonfederal, nonagricultural dams 35 feet high and higher through inspections and issuance of registration, safety, and construction permits. The program performs emergency response to dams in distress and provides engineering evaluation of conditions during natural disasters to protect life and property.

Meet the Director - Ryan Stack, PE

Ryan Stack, Dam and Reservoir Safety Program Director

Ryan Stack, PE, is the Dam and Reservoir Safety Program Director and chief engineer for the department’s Missouri Geological Survey. Ryan has been with the department since 2007, and was appointed to his present position in 2017. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering in 2002 from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining the department, Ryan worked in private industry providing technical services for construction aggregate mining in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.