The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its initial guidance for developing and maintaining a service line inventory on Aug. 4, 2022. Since that time, EPA has also released additional guidance and information for small systems. These EPA guidance documents are available at the links provided below. A link to a recording of EPA's webinar about the guidance and template are available on EPA's Revised Lead and Copper Rule webpage. 

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is also providing the information to help public water systems develop their initial lead service line inventory. For additional guidance in developing a lead service line inventory, review the department's documents below. 

Inventory Spreadsheets

The department developed Lead Service Line Inventory spreadsheets, which are the required reporting form for each public water system. To avoid unneeded or additional inventory efforts, do not use EPA's inventory spreadsheet for reporting to the department. The two spreadsheets provided below are the same, but are different sizes in order for public water systems to use the one best needed for their size. Click on the appropriate link below to download a zipped Microsoft® Excel® file containing the spreadsheet.

*These are large files, which may result in a long download time for individuals with slow internet connections. If you have any problems accessing these spreadsheets, please contact the department’s Water Protection Program, Public Drinking Water Branch.


These documents may be helpful to get water system customers involved in identifying their service lines. These documents can be edited so water systems can insert their contact information for customers to ask questions about how to identify their service line material. Customers can also use the contact information to report their service line material composition.


Education Documents

Each document is a different contact method for informing and educating customers about the lead service line inventory that water systems are conducting. These methods can be used according to the circumstances water systems may encounter.

If a customer has a lead service line, a disturbance to a lead service line or a service line of unknown material composition, the following documents can be used to inform them about the health effects of lead exposure and how to reduce the amount of lead in their drinking water.

The following document contains answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning lead service line inventories. The questions are ones the department has received from contacts with public water systems and customers.


If you have questions concerning lead service line inventories, please contact either of the following department team members: